8 Reasons Course Creation is Perfect for Health Coaches

If you’re anything like me, you want to find the fastest and easiest way to make money on the side.   I’ve tried a few different things.  Some worked well, but others bombed completely or took so much brain power that I will never do them again.

Now, I am an educator at heart.  I remember playing school with neighbor kids when I was four years old.  Even though I didn’t really enjoy learning when I was young, I LOVED to teach.  When it came time to enter into college, I of course, set out to get my degree in teaching.  Zipping forward, I decided to start my own business.  How hard could that be, right?  I am a person who is naturally organized and full of determination, but I learned quickly that I had a lot to learn when it came to selling myself.  It was hard work and it wasn’t fun!

After I got my certification I thought it would be a breeze to help people who were ready to take control of their health.  But I had a hard time finding them!  So many people would say they were doing things to improve how they ate, but what I learned was that they meant they weren’t eating brand x of chips.  Instead they chose brand z because they were baked.  What?

Long story made short, I decided one day that there was a better way to run my business and searching high and low for people was not high on my list.  That’s when I decided to use my talents and dive into education online.  I loved the idea of educating my prospect instead of selling to them.   It was more natural and much more effective for anyone whose desire is to help people live a healthier, more vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

Here are eight great reasons why creating process-driven online courses is perfect for you and your business:

  1. Online courses provide part- or full-time income—you decide. Depending upon how much time you want to put into course creation, you can monetize courses more quickly and effectively than other marketing strategies such as blogging, YouTube, or selling other information products. So while you continue to build your business and work with clients, you can earn money on the side.
  2. Anyone can teach. Yes! Even YOU have an online course inside of you. Don’t believe me? Consider your own unique hobbies or passions. What skills do you have that can translate into an online course? Many people are seeking step-by-step instructions, which takes the guess work out of learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.   Many people want to learn how to make their lives better.
  3. You’re already an authority in your niche. So many people believe that they have to be an “expert” in their field to teach, so they’re afraid they aren’t qualified to create a course. But that’s not true at all! You are much better suited to teaching a concept because you have experienced or have knowledge in an area and you have the desire to share your expertise and knowledge. When people participate in online learning, it takes the guesswork away and it provides step-by-step instructions for healing.
  4. Courses are a reusable asset. This is huge when you’re trying to maximize your time. After you’ve created your first course, you can resell it over and over again. You can reformat it, repurpose it and bundle it with other courses. In other words, you can create a course right now and profit from it for years to come. Pretty cool, right?
  5. You can reach more people at one time. You can launch a course that is time sensitive or students and clients can come in at anytime. Either way, you’re reaching a large number of people in a fast way and providing a lot of transformations and conversations through their interaction with others in the course. Best of all, they can access your course from anywhere and on any mobile device.
  6. Courses offer content that can be delivered in a very structured, straightforward and easily understood format. Extra content can also be delivered to students/clients in a variety of modalities (text, video, audio) along with supportive documents they can access over time.
  7. Courses have a high return on investment (ROI). I know you already have a bunch of content you’ve created for workshops, or you have content you’ve purchased. So, turn that content into a money-making course. Courses provide quick money for work you’ve already done and you can run them monthly, build upon them and bundle them.
  8. I’ve saved the best reason for last—you can charge more for courses. Woohoo! More and more people globally enjoy and value education but they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars that colleges and universities charge and they can learn from the comfort of their home. You can offer courses that teach valuable skills and get hundreds, if not thousands for them. Try asking that much for an ebook or a blog series. Not!

So what do you think?  There are more reasons why course creation is a perfect fit, but these are my top eight.  Can you think of other reasons why this approach is perfect for you?  Please share your thoughts below and visit  the course page to learn more about online course creation.

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