About the Academy

What is the Academy’s mission?

The Holistic Wellness Academy’s mission is to advance the knowledge and experience of wellness advocates by providing an educational foundation for strengthening health, life and business skills.  Our learning environment empowers wellness practitioners to become strong educators while engage individuals and communities in exploring, designing and managing individualized holistic lifestyles.

The Academy recognizes that every person has very unique needs and aspirations and a passionate desire to succeed. We respect and promote individual talents and values that inspires and equips our instructors to share their personal missions and strengths.

Our objective is to instill a personal commitment toward exploration, commitment and action that fosters confidence and the ability to empower others to live happier, healthier lives.

Why was the Academy created?

While conversing with other health coach graduates, I noticed a number of them struggled with the same problem.  My goal is to help fellow health coaches and other holistic wellness advocates to realize the gifts and talents they possess within and offer them the means in which to share those gifts.  After all, we all have our personal success stories to share and everyone has something to teach.  So, why not provide them with an opportunity to earn money on the side while they continue to pursue their passions?  I also know how important it is to make connections with others in the field, so the Academy offers a great way to connect with fellow experts.

How will the Holistic Wellness Academy courses and programs benefit me?

As I mentioned, everyone has something to teach!  People want to know how each of us use alternative methods to heal.  Your personal journey is more valuable and think!  You may even learn from fellow instructors how to make better decisions that affect your health, the health of your family (or family to be), and the health of the environment.   Online course creation is the best way expose people to the newest and most reliable information and clinical trials.

How does the Academy help Health & Wellness Coaches?

If you already have some content created, courses are a great way to make money off the work you’ve already created.  Course creation maximizes your time investment and is a lot easier to get a return on investment (ROI) than running a blog or video series. Another great advantage is that you can usually charge more for your on-going courses than you can for ebooks, blog campaigns or subscription websites.  It just makes sense.

Some courses offered in the Academy will also provide you the ability to obtain extra certifications in content-rich topics.  These topics can help you define your niche faster so you can get out there and focus on what you do best.  Because courses are delivered in small chunks, you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  Best of all, you’re creating a reusable asset!  Once you create your course, you can repurpose it, edit or update it, and sell it again and again.

How long will it take to complete a course?

The length of time to complete a course or program will depend upon the amount of courses you opt into and the length of each course….as well as how much time you have.  Some courses will be longer than others.  A course may be only hours long and a program, such as our 6-Month Wellness Program, may be stretched out over several months.  Courses can also be bundled together and offered to individual clients or corporations.  You can even share a mini course to explain to others what you and your business is all about.  How easy is that?  Let your imagination go and find out how easy it truly is!

How is the content for each course or program delivered?

We offer you the flexibility to study from your computer, smart phone or tablet when it’s convenient for you, no matter where you are, day or night.   Some of the courses and programs also have live calls or webinars that you can participate in, and even individual coaching calls to help deepen your knowledge.

Each course module usually contains three to five lessons.  Those lessons may have four to six easy to digest sections within them that will take anywhere from five to twenty minutes to complete. Content is delivered in a variety of ways because we know everyone is busy and everyone learns differently — video, audio, text or a combination.  The platform will also provide you with a progress bar, so you will always know where you stopped and where you can pick back up again.  You will also have the option to discuss course topics with others in the course, join private Facebook groups where you can ask questions and get support and feedback to questions, create projects, take quizzes, and get certificates.

As an instructor, how do I keep students engaged so they complete my course?

There are many ways to do this.  We suggest that you stay connected to your course while students are actively participating so you can respond to comments and questions quickly.  Be yourself and offer suggestions and guidance from other students in the forum.  It helps to offer weekly Q&A calls so students can confidently finish a lesson/module before moving on to the next.  Consistent communication is key.

How much do courses cost?

Courses can be free, cost a little or cost a lot.  There will be many basic courses that are very affordable, so you will find it easy to invite your friends and family to join you in your wellness journey….or start their own. This also provides you with a support network, which can facilitate much greater success as you create positive changes and achieve optimum health.

Payments can be paid all at once, weekly, or monthly, depending upon the course/program type, instructor preference, and of course what you can commit to financially.  As mentioned, all courses and general study programs will vary in price, length and content. You can view each program and choose the pricing plan that works best for you.

How do I pay for the courses/programs I want to purchase?

Payments can be made online using credit card or PayPal for your convenience.

Can I receive CU (continuation credits) for courses?

Yes, you can receive CUs for some courses.  You can also print of your certificates at the end of each course.  If a program has several courses in it that needs to be completed for a total of 2 or 3 CUs, you will be able to receive your CUs and certificate at the completion of that program.

Do you offer a guarantee with each course?

Yes we do!  We know how important it is to stand behind our programs 100%.  We also know that life can toss a few boulders into your path so we want you to be completely satisfied.  We offer a 30-day money back guarantee which is explained in the Terms of Service.  This can be found in the footer of the course site.

What type of support is offered during courses and training programs?

You will have the opportunity to join online Facebook groups and interact with others within each course. Some courses may have group and/or individual coaching calls built into them.  If so, you are highly encouraged to participate in these interactive conversations and calls to gain more value, ask questions, get answers and learn from others.

Can I see a preview of the training programs and lesson content?

Most of the courses and programs will offer a sneak preview of content depending upon how the instructors set things up. You may even be offered a free “trial” of certain program/course content.  The sales pages for each course will provide that information.

Will I have to pay extra for books and other supplies?

Some courses may require the need for books and other supplies.  All instructors are asked to keep material costs as low as possible to aid in the affordability of each course that’s offered.  Where possible, instructors will offer guidance to the find the most accessible and cost efficient materials for participants of their courses.  Most documents and study materials will be offered in digital format.

Upon completion of a course, will I be tested?

All credited courses will require the passing of module lessons and tests in order to obtain certification.   Other general study programs and free challenges may or may not have tests.  It depends upon the course being taught and the instructor’s preference.  All general study programs, however, will have quizzes and assessments built into lessons  to help you apply the information you’ve just learned into your new lifestyle.  We want to help you make the most of what you’ve learned and apply the information immediately so you will continue to grow and improve your new lifestyle.

How long will I have access to the training program that I purchase?

The length of time you will have access to courses and course materials depends upon the individual  instructor.  Many courses will have content “dripped” to students on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Other courses and programs will offer you the opportunity to participate at your leisure for at least a year, while some will offer the material for a lifetime.  This information will be clearly stated on the sales page for each course and program.

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